1.8m UV-LED printer – steady media tension, excellent printing quality and speed
  • Max print width:


  • Print head :

    Ricoh Gen6

  • Max Speed :

    74 square meters / hr

  • Colors :

    C / M / Y / K / Lc / Lm / W

High speed printing, precision imaging

  • Printing speed: up to 74m2/Hr

  • Consumables: Max. diameter: 30cm ; Max. width: 1830mm ; Max. weight: 100KG

  • Stable front and rear motors for smooth operation, even in high speed.

  • A big rubber roll associated to pinch rollers for stable media feeding, without slip nor wrinkle. Smooth material movement precisely following steps parameters, offers improved jetting accuracy for a sharper printing quality.





  • Industrial piezoelectric print heads: Industrial print heads with excellent durability, stable printing quality, and finest ink droplets (2.5pl / 3.5pl / 5pl).

  • Anti-static device: anti-static devices are installed on both sides of the printing carriage to reduce the static electricity generated by the consumables during the printing process. The ink splattering issue is avoided, the printing quality is sharper.

  • Anti-collision device: The carriage is protected on both sides by anti-collision devices stopping the printing process in case a substrate or an unknow object is placed on his way, protecting the print heads.

  • Optional RIP software: choose ONYX or CALDERA.

  • Intuitive operation interface: all printing modes and operations are controlled by computer via an interface making operations easy and intuitive.

  • Multiple printing effects: Designed for different printing materials and printing effects, more design applications are available in our LDP Design Exhibition Center.

  • LED-UV ink: LDP exclusive ink Research and Development department, inks with bright colors, matte or glossy finish, smooth scale, for more realistic image quality.

  • Direct printing on a variety of materials: LED-UV inks are widely applicable to various materials and can be printed directly without pre-processing.

Advantages of the combination of rubber roller & pinch rollers

2 & 3 inches of paper shaft fixtures

Print head Ricoh Gen6 (5pl)
Ink GUV Series Ink / HUV Series Ink
Media type PP,PVC,Backlit,Canvas,Fabric,etc…
Print head 4 6 7
Configuration 4Cx2Row 4Cx3Row 4Cx3Row+W
High speed 49 m² 74 m² 74 m²
Production 40 m² 60 m² 60 m²
Sandwich - - 30 m²
Hi-Density 20 m² 30 m² 20 m²
Heads Qty 2 to 10
Colors Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black / Light Cyan / Light Magenta / White
Weight Net. Weight 500KG (1102lb) / Gross weight 685KG (1510lb)
Machine dimensions(mm) L 3562 / W 725 / H 1340
Packing dimensions(mm) L 3740 / W 760 / H 1720
Power requirement Single Phase 200±10%(50/60Hz,AC) / 18A




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Special Applications

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