Flatbed Printers
  • The most flexible and unlimited UV LED Flatbed printers

    The biggest feature of Diplo is the possibility to be customized according to customer needs. It means users can be continuously upgraded Diplo as their business volume increase. Diplo has a variety of uses, it can print directly on various substrates, up to 60 mm thick, and also heat-sensitive materials like textiles, film, and cardboard.

    • Customize most suitable working area according to your demand with extendable vacuum table.

    • LED-UV curing technology is supported by a wide variety of substrates and makes more applications possible. 

    • Create various of printing effects (multi layers, varnish...)

  • Excellent flexibility and diversity

    Diplo use UV LED curing system to greatly increase the choice of supported material, and it allows users to customize the length of their printing platform from 2.6 m x 1.5m (1 unit) to 2.6 m x 29.5 m (15 units) to print large signboard or to set up a production line and increase productivity on regular jobs.

    • Easy to print on PET, ACP, board, banner, textiles, PVC, glass, metal, leather and other materials.

    • Building super large working platform by combining 15 units of vacuumed printing tables. 

    • Extended platform makes users able to print super large signboards. 

  • Precision, efficient mechanism design

    Diplo’s high-precision and intelligent mechanism design helps users to make quick and accurate positioning for various materials, and ensures high printing quality with smooth transmission during the operation. The intelligent control system allows users to complete jobs easily.

    • Smart vacuumed platform can adjust power and independent suction area, help user positioning material quickly and steadily.

    • Special Y-axis gear driving control technology and precision transmission system, make printing process more accurate and efficient.

    • Solid machine structure can carry heavy medias such as: steel, iron, bricks and glass, etc. and offer a loading capacity up to 150kg / sqm.

    • Automatically detects media thickness to adjust printheads height to ensure print quality and prevent print heads damage. 

  • Unlimited visual and haptic effects

    Diplo maximizes the use of spot ink to increase the color performance、solve the color cast problem when printed on colored substrates、creates special effects such as double-sided images, perspective images, and stereoscopic images through multi-layers printing.

    • Create most impressive effects with 9 special print modes.
    • Can print different layers of spot color locally or globally to create a variety of 2.5D visual effects.


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