Sublimation Printers
  • High-speed、Fine-quality digital dye-sublimation printer

    DYE-SUB series offering a dye-sublimation printing solution (for transfer paper) with industrial-level productivity and quality for fashion, apparel, and textile industry.

    1. Industrial-level productivity and quality.

    2. Sharp and clear result. 

    3. Exceptional color saturation、high contrast、and smooth transition.

  • High-precision transmission and dot control system

    The printing carriage always drives rapidly and frequently, a robust body design and precise transmission system can help you keeps printing quality consistent.

    1. Equipped with two or more Kyocera printheads which are offering a precise dot control.

    2. Robust frame designed keeps carriages drive stably under fast operating process. 

    3. High accuracy media feed system makes printing quality consistent.

  • Brilliant image quality

    Dye-sublimation required heavier color saturation since the colors always go back when transferring images from paper to media, DYE-SUB series offer better color saturation、contrast、and transition with LDP dye-sublimation ink.

    1. LDP dye-sublimation inks have heavier color saturation and good durability, helps image transfer perfectly from paper to media.

  • High production speed and super fast drying

    If your printer has a bad heating system, printing quality may be affected by ink stain issue and printing productivity will slow down due to long waiting time.

    1. Dual post-heater to increase drying speed and reduce ink stain issue.

    2. Max production speed up to 100m2 / h


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